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End of My World: Jack Maynard '20

I was walking towards where the farmers market used to be. I can still see the bright bell peppers as if they were tiny children of the sun. The sweet crisp juices of the apples I’d pick up at the market were very vivid in my mind. My mouth filled with saliva. All the mothers of families would fly as if they were trains with full speed to gather groceries for what I imagine were children demanding to know what's for supper that night. It was after one of those days coming back from the market that I went into my mundane home listening to vinyls squeaking along a semi-broken turntable that made Sinatra’s voice muzzle from time to time from the antique speakers. I’d often give myself headaches with a pounding nature because with the music I was playing I’d also have the TV on and watched the commercials go on one after another. I saw the monochrome cartoons, toys of electric cars and guns being promoted, and then the emergency news broadcast came on. The news anchor had a towel next to him that looked almost as soaked as his face. He could barely get a word out with the commotion of his crying but somehow he managed to say, “Ladies and gentleman the last chance, the last hope for planet earth is no more. The final NASA mission to stop the asteroid set to kill all life on our planet has failed. It’s only a matter of hours until we are no more."

I walked outside to see a variety of sights like the variety of products at the farmers market. Earth was really dying. I saw rioters stealing from stores smashing windows with bricks snagging anything from a slick 60-inch TV to a simple pack of Juicy Fruit gum. Fires were started from ignited pungent gasoline that burned my nostrils. I never thought I’d see so many people in the streets just moments after the news. I saw Christians kneeling in front of a cracking marble church while other people kissed the feet of a priest right on his squeaking clean and shining black shoes. A man was yelling at children. He threatened to throw his already empty Jack Daniel’s bottle right across their faces. I think he would’ve done it too if it weren’t for the cops pulling him off the street. I kept walking until I got to the front of this ice cream parlor. I heard telephones constantly ringing making me grimace from the shrieks I could hear from the callers. I walked in the parlor and I saw this girl with crutches. She smiled--radiating sunshine--and waved--blowing the icy cold air from the freezer in my direction.

She just sat there drinking milkshakes from the red opaque straw. I ordered a milkshake myself and sat beside her. We looked into each other’s eyes. The vivid blue innocence touched my heart. The ground rumbled, but we continued to look at each other. Just behind her, a bright light rose like the sun. Though we were in the chilly ice cream parlor, I felt warm. I could tell she had the same feeling with the smile she radiated at me. I returned the favor. We got closer to each other until eventually our lips locking together prevented us from moving any closer. We parted and just looked at each other as the rumbling got louder and faster. We smiled at each other and then there was darkness. I don’t think she knew she was in my story of the end of the world. -Jack Maynard '20

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