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A Stroll in the Woods: Aidan Krakowski '21

It was a pleasant day, and so decided did I To get some fresh air and feel the warm sky. So I packed up my backpack and packed up my clothes

To stroll in the forest; who knows where I’ll go?

The air was inviting on this mild summer day, Like a grandmother’s fireplace welcoming my stay.

A gentle breeze was blowing and rustling the leaves

While I continued on the trail of this cheerful reprieve.

The wild smelled of fresh blossoms on the first day of Spring,

like a crisp pine with its sensational stink. And the scent of charred firewood that smells of delight

Most likely lingered from campers lodging here last night.

As I advanced through the lush grass and tall trees, I noticed the sounds of this scene.

In the background the chirping of crickets prevailed,

While the melodies of doves and songbirds did trill.

But when the blazing sun into the horizon did set, I knew that my long hike had come to an end. And although it pained me to return to the ‘hood. I will once more be so eager to go stroll in the woods. - Aidan Krakowski '21

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